20 Epic Kids Party Venues in Johannesburg

20 Epic Kids Party Venues in Johannesburg

Are you looking for a venue for your child’s birthday party? Your kid’s special day, their birthday, is coming up and you it to be perfect for them and the venues listed below will help you achieve just that. The venues have been carefully screened to find the ones where kids will truly enjoy themselves and have fun and be entertained. From learning to drive safely or having a bubble party to having a good time on the jumping castle, your kids will be cared for and have fun. 

Party Venues in East Johannesburg 

  1. The Mighty Jungle

Website: The Might Jungle

Telephone No: 083 452 8120

Address: 8 Douglas Road Bedfordview

The Might Jungle is a venue designed to host parties for kids, especially birthday parties for your child’s special day. The venue has swings, an outdoor playground complete with steel and wooden jungle gyms, a seated merry-go-round, a separate play area just for toddlers and babies, slides, a bike track, a mini-soccer field and a seated zip liner to entertain the children. Other things they provide for kids’ enjoyment are jumping castle and princess castle, Crazy Critters animal show and double waterslide. 

For a party, the venue offers facilities like refreshments like juices, tea and coffee and in-house crockery to use but they don’t offer catering. They also offer you themes to choose from like, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Batman’ or ‘Angry Birds’, etc. 

  1. Kidzville Party Venue

Website: Kidzville Party Venue

Telephone No: 083 463 1429

Address: 81 Main Road, Brentwood Park AH, Kempton Park

The Kidzville Party Venue in Benoni has three venues that are suited for birthday parties for kids from various age groups and each venue is self-sufficient, has a gated play area and toilets. The Party Farm venue offers pony rides, jumping castle, animal feeding, bubble time and the venue ground has a sandpit, big swings, baby swings, trampoline, 2 modular systems and etc. 

Similarly, the Adventure Island & Pirate Party is perfect for an island-style or a jungle party and extra options include tractor rides, a giant inflatable wall climb, treasure hunt, walk the plank and other kid-friendly activities. On the other hand, the Disco Party is all the range for young children with disco but no alcohol or gate crashers.

  1. Kids Era  

Website: Kids Era

Telephone No: 076 272 2476

Address: 512 Pretoria Road, Fairleads, Benoni

A place picture-perfect for kids, Kids Era on 512 Pretoria Road in Fairleads at Benoni offers an outdoor playing area that is bound to keep your children entertained and happy for hours. The outdoor area is designed to build the children’s bodies but also stimulate their minds. It’s fitted with monkey bars, jungle gyms, rope swings, swings, a mini-sports field, a full-size 30-seater Aircraft, a big jumping castle, trampolines, 2 play speedboats, a basketball hoop, a zip line and etc. It’s a family fun park that you can book for your child’s birthday. 

  1. Acrobranch
Group of kids at Acrobranch in Johannesburg

Website: Acrobranch

Telephone No: 086 999 0369

Address: Different locations in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Centurion 

Birthday parties can be hard to plan since you want to make the day really special for your kids and Acrobranch can help provide some fun-filled excitement for the little ones. Acrobranch offers its services in various locations in the country in the form of outdoor activity parks and each offers its own distinct party facilities and catering. If your child loves the outdoors, then he/she will love having an Acrobranch Birthday Party where aside from the party, the kids can participate in activities that will test their physical skills, balance and intelligence. 

From spiderman, pirates to Tarzan, kids will have fun swinging from tree to tree with zip lines. The zip lines are made safe for the kids taking the parents’ potential fears into account and only kid-friendly trails are opted for the trip. 

Contact Info: 086 999 0369

  1. Kiddilicious Party Venue

Website: Kiddilicious Party Venue

Telephone No: 076 358 6003

Address: 15 Nicol Rd Bedfordview

Looking for a country-style kids’ party? Then, you’ll love the Kiddilicious Party Venue on. Kidzville prides itself on being a place where children have fun while the parents or guardians can catch up in a relaxed and futuristic environment. Primarily, they offer two types of parties, the Private Venue and the Café Party. They offer exclusive catering for both and you can have the venue decorated in your child’s preferred theme. The venue for the Privat party is made up of a spacious indoor venue that leads to a covered patio and a garden with grass and shade that also has a kids’ play areas with swings and a big outdoor sandpit.

Party Venues in North Johannesburg and Pretoria

  1. PWC Bike Park

Website: PWC Bike Park

Telephone No: 083 725 2453

Address: 1A Libertas Street (off Sloane Street), Bryanston

Parent really like PWC Bike Park since it offers party packages with biking – an thrilling exercise  for kids. A fence boarders the park so that kids and parents can enjoy the party without any worries and a security team petrols it to keep the place safe for its guest. The park has a jungle gym, cycyling facilities and a jumping castle for adventure-minded kids. 

Your children can ride zealously on the multiple easy to navoigate tracks at the park with mountain bikes, pedal-less push bikes, balance bike and BMX bikes. It also has kiddie tracks for 2-6 years old that ride on tricycles or bikes with balance wheels. For some biking excitement for your kids, book a party at PWC Bike Park. 

  1. Jungle Joes Party Venue
No photo description available.

Website: Jungle Joes Party Venue

Telephone No: 011 887 1771

Address: 205 Corlett Drive, Bramley

In 205 Corlett Drive, Bramley, the Jungle Joes Party Venue has everything needed for a thrilling birthday party like kids playing area, catering, a party planner to help plan the party and even a completely functional kitchen. The venue is large enough for large groups and can seat up to 40 little ones or so along with their guardians. The play area has a jumping castle, a race track, a 40m zip line, a doll house, 4 big jungle gyms. Other activities at the venue include Arts & Crafts, face painting, tent and torch, etc. 

  1. The Herb Farm

Website: The Herb Farm – Play Yard

Telephone No: 010 447 3517

Address: 264 Summit Road, Bluehills, Midrand

Situated in Midrand, the Herb Farm is an herb-rich educational farm where guests can learn about the world of herbs. It’s also a really good party venue where the kids can play, learn, create and have loads of fun. At the play yard, the kids can play, create while learning more about herbs, vegetables and fruits. They are also taught about what a healthy lifestyle should and shouldn’t have. As an outlet for the kids’ creative sides, the play yard has Fun! Kitchen, the Gardening or Crafts Studio, which is a 200 square studio at the farm. The children can have a fantastic party and learn about herbs, play and get creative with crafts, etc. You can have food booked from the Farm’s 70-seater Bistro nestled in the woods. 

  1. World of Golf Children’s Party Venue
Entertain the kids

Website: Word of Golf

Telephone No: 011 545 8600

Address: Corner Woodmead Drive and Maxwell Drive, Woodmead

Word of Golf is one of the most sought out Children’s Party Venues in Johannesburg where visitors can eat, relax and play golf or learn it. It’s the place to-be if you like playing golf or if you want to throw an unforgettable birthday surprise for your child. The 200sqm play field is fitted with the state-of-the-art playing equipment and your kids will have fun with the sand art, pizza making, golf lessons and playground entertainment. You can book golf lesson for your little ones where the kids will play and learn golf from instructors. For catering, you won’t have to go further than their Dimples Café, who serve a variety of tasty treats and for the décor and themes, the Party Planning Team can help you out.  

  1. The Kids Gym

Website: The Kids Gym

Telephone No: 010 601 6444

Address: Cedar Square Shopping Centre, Cedar Road, Fourways

The Kids Gym personifies the motto, “all fun and fitness”, and it’s a place where entertainment and exercise go hand in hand. In the Kids Gym will teach kids fun but effective ways of staying fit and healthy like various game and cardio exercises. They also have equipment to help children with their general physical fitness, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and core.  

The trainers at the Gym teach the kids on the little one’s pace and they make exercising seem fun without making them do heavy weightlifting. At the Gym, everyone works together and the trainers follow their own curriculum to train the kids. You can buy packages for children from different age groups and have a birthday party there with snacks from the Ninja Bean Café. 

  1. Elfs Hill

Website: The Elfs Hill

Telephone No: 082 337 5646

Address: Plot 29 Zandspruit Road, Chartwell West, Farmall, Fourways

Near Fourways, the Elfs Hill is a really good kid’s party venue and it has everything kids need to have a fun-loving time. The 3500sqm play area is filled with a trampoline, doll houses, jungle gyms and children are also offered other entertainments such as a jumping castle, painters, snake and reptile demonstrations, waterslides, and magicians.  Efs Hill also provides decoration for the party and they provide a variety of platters for the event. While the kids mingle and play, the parents can relax in the beautiful patio leading out to the large lawn and yard where the party will be held or take advantage of the braai facilities. 

  1. Roll Egoli

Website: Roll Egoli

Telephone No: 082 361 3497

Address: 296 Main Rd, Bryanston, Normal Rd intersection

The best all-weather skating rink in Bryanston, Roll Egoli is stationed is considered a spectacular venue for parties. The rink is covered and spans a total of 100sqm so you can have a birthday party there at any time of the year.  Roll Egoli offers party packages to choose from and they also offer seating areas to host parties. Aside from the roller skating, the little one can have fun in the playground which has a trampoline, a wooden jungle gym and a scooter track or play with the friendly chickens in the garden. Your child can have his/her dream birthday and have a blast with skating. 

  1. Under the Oak Tree

Website: Under the Oak Tree

Telephone No: 071 332 9387

Address: 54 Silwood Road, Bramley

In the heart of Johannesburg, Under the Oak Tree is a party venue worth picking if you’re planning a party for kids from 1 to 10 years of age.  They have two party venues that you can choose from. They also decorate according to the client’s desired theme and offers catering and other entertainment for the little ones. The venue arrangements are not affected by the weather so you won’t have any emergency cancellation due to rain at the eleventh hour. They even have farm animals like their bunnies called Bennie and Bonnie and kids can get pony rides on Pitchoo, the pony for a fee. 

Even during level three lockdown they have made preparations for sanitizing the area and practicing social distancing. The venue is also being changed into an outdoor park zone with a restaurant. 

  1. Fantasy Park, Chartwell

Website: Fantasy Park

Telephone No: 062 289 7788

Address: Portion 2, Plot 46, Nichols Road, Chartwell West Country Estate, Farmall

Welcome to the land where dreams come true, where imagination becomes reality, welcome to the Fantasy Park of Chartwell. Fantasy Park includes two venues: Aeroplayin and Enchanting. Aeroplayin offers a trampoline, jungle gyms, bike tracks, etc. while enchanting contains a small castle maze, a jungle gym shaped like a fort, a big doll house for girls’ tea party and a shaded sandpit. Both venues offer catering, personalized themes and other entertainments like waterslides, etc. If your child wants be a fort’s knight, a king or a princess or fly an aeroplane or catch a train, then Fantasy Park welcomes you. 

Kid’s Party Venues to Scout in West Johannesburg

  1. Cat’s Bus Parties and Bicycle Playground

Website: Cat’s Bus Parties and Bicycle Playground

Telephone No: 073 808 3112

Address: 24 Lang Weg, Randfontein

A family owned party venue, Cat’s Bus Parties and Bicycle Playground in Randfontein has entertainment for kids and even a party planner to help you with your child’s special day. They offer a jumping castle, a barnyard, a swimming pool for summer birthday parties with a beach area for the children to play in the sand and a wooden jungle gym. They are also the only party venue that has a bus, where you can have a party set up to give your kid something extra special.  

  1. Swartkrans Go-Karts, Krugersdorp

Website: Swartkrans Go-Karts

Telephone No: 0723083034

Address: 56 Hekpoort Road Krugersdorp

Looking for an exciting and fun party venue for your child’s next birthday? Then, give Swartkrans Go-Karts a try. The venue boosts a monstrous 700m track where kids can learn to drive safely while laughing their heads off. They offer catering for all age groups, entertainments like swimming, painting, Go-Carting and picnics. They also have a spacious enough place where the kids can play and do Quad biking. The children will have loads of fun and build confidence while learning to drive and succeeding at it. 

  1. Kinglets & Queenies

Website: Kinglets & Queenies

Telephone No: 079 736 7113

Address: 26 Pierre Road, Ruimsig

Considered an outstanding outdoor party venue, Kinglets & Queenies provides entertainment for both young and old alike. Kinglets & Queenies offer 3 types of venues to their clients, fully enclosed lapa, semi-enclosed lapa and large semi-enclosed lapa. The venue of your choice will be decorated in your desired theme and catering is offered free of extra charge along with decorations. Other entertainments like waterslides, pony rides, an animal farmyard and face painting are also available. 

Best Kid’s Party Venues in South Johannesburg

  1. Mac’s Venues
Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Website: Mac’s Venues

Telephone No: 011 948 8752

Address: 10 Dan Pienaar Dr., Tedderfield Estate, Eikenhof

Nestled in Eikenhof, Mac’s Venues offers four exclusive venues you can use for your child’s birthday parties. Mac’s Party Farmyard is an outdoor venue and has open space and lots of equipment for kids like a jungle gym, scooters and sandpits and you can have a bonfire there too. Similarly, the Fountain Spray Fun Venue has a fountain of 10m diameter, a jumping castle, a trampoline and a braai area while the Teenage Party Bash Disco venue has an 80sqm indoor hall, disco lights and decorations, picnic facilities and they even offer an outside bonfire. You can also hire a Circus Tent complete with aerial performances for your kid’s party. 

  1. Jungle Beat

Website: Jungle Beat

Telephone No: 082 451 7377

Address: Fore Street, Alberton, 1449

In the heart of Alberton on Fore Street, Jungle Beat is set in an area with picturesque views and is a peaceful and country-style venue. Since it’s on the historic Meyers Farm, the venue has ample space for kids to frolic and run about and for entertainments to be set up for children. They offer a jumping castle and pony and tractor rides. If you’re looking for an outdoor party with a country flare, then Jungle Beat is your venue. 

  1. Circus Bubble Parties

Website: Bubble Parties

Telephone No: 083 226 1213

Address: Plot 116, Springbok Road, Daleside, Randvaal

Boswall Wilkie Circus offers Bubble Parties for little ones looking to play with bubbles. The kids learn to make their own gigantic bubbles and they also offer Bubble art and Bubble blowing. The kids are given the Circus’s very own bubble solution along with wands to shape the bubbles. The kids can visit the horses, ponies, dogs and other farm animal and catch a delicious homemade breakfast or pancakes at their coffee shop, Café Du Cirque. 

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