Independent Kids Nursery School

Independent Kids Nursery School

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Open 6am to 6pm.
​Independent Kids Nursery School is a small and specialized school located on the Northcliff / Fairland boarder. We are situated on a large corner property across the road from Cliffview Primary School, in 13th Avenue.
Nursery school education is about the development of important life skills – skills that are needed in everyday living, in relationships with other people, in being ready for school and the big world. Due to our small classes, we have created a quality environment where we are able to treat each child as the unique individual that they are. We take time to listen to what our children have to say, no matter how trivial it may seem to an outsider. In this way we build each child’s self-worth, self-confidence and a very strong sense of importance within their community. We teach them how to listen and to have consideration for others. These are the qualities that will make our future leaders great. We develop these attributes by striving to get our children to work to their full potential in all areas, to have them feel confident about themselves and not to be daunted by the prospect of school or life’s challenges.
We believe a child’s play is their work of art. It is the one way they have of making sense of the world in which they live, and of developing their skills – emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually. Due to the unique nature and capabilities of each child, we cannot expect them to all reach the same level at the same time. What we can strive for though is to capture the learning interests and curiosity of each child through the experiences we offer and by providing an environment in which the child feels free to explore and learn without fear of failure.
Life at Independent Kids is all about learning through play and having fun in a warm, nurturing, stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment. Every child is different and we believe they should be allowed to flourish in their own unique way.



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