Mark Trump Music Collective

Mark Trump Music Collective

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The Smith & Trump Music and Arts Collective is a school operated and founded by Mark Trump..

At Mark’s Drum Lessons, our vision is based on a uniqueness that strives do deliver a passion fueled tuition. We incorporate our vision with the learners, where we teach you the skills and technique required to empower your musicianship and develop your own artistic sound, creating a more creative and innovative musician for better success and enjoyment.

Our goals are not to just achieve the standard and average methods of teaching, but a highly driven standard that challenges and develops students to their full individual capabilities, in an environment that has been created to facilitate a continuous growth stimulus, and enabling learners to correctly manage their time between school, work and other extra murals, enabling them to achieve their goals and dreams.

With accurately plotted lessons, students are able to see their musical progression and make sure foundation skills are developed correctly and instructors can strive to accurately plan a learner’s growth accordingly.
The vision is based on a dream to create something that is not present in vocational teaching until now, and that is to offer a standard of music tuition you’ll find no where else within the SA borders.

So whether you are learning for the love of music or to one day have a career as a musician, you will be taught correctly. There is no arguing the value of music as a subject or extra activity. It has been proven time and time again that any music undertaking has a great impact on a person’s development and allows you to be better at being who you are.



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